Motion  has  been apart of my Fine Art education, from when I first  went to art school.  In those  early years at the Montreal Museum  where   I studied animation , it  was doing sketches one frame at a time and photographing them.  That was A real Labour of love. IT  took some 700+ hand drawn  images to make up one minute of a character walking across a page! Some time Later at Concordia  university I studied Video  at the prestigious Studio A.I abandoned video for some  yrs after that… until I had a strong desire to pay Homage to my most favorite musician for his  incredible composing and  lyrics. His music  been accompamying me while painting in my studio  till all hours. That musician is Van Morrison. Suddenly I was back  into playing with Video. Recently   a new art form is emerging for me,I call this format Art Aimotion  that combines  my love of music, and all my art  mediums into a new MIXT media form .